Lauren Collins

Program Coordinator
Work Phone: 573-276-3600

My name is Lauren, but most people just call me Punky!

I was originally hired by the BYM as an Americorps member in 2009. In August of 2013 I became the Program Coordinator. I am usually the Pirate, the Princess, the Tool Lady, and the D.J. at our theme parties.

10 Fun Facts About Me!

10. I have had 6 pet tarantulas

9. My hair has been pink, blue, green, red, blonde, purple, black, and brown

8. I love playing Just Dance with my family! It is great because none of us can dance. 

7. My favorite number is 7.   

6. I still want to be a superhero when I grow up. Or a Disney Princess.

5. I collect Harry Potter books in foreign languages, I can only read in English! 

4. My favorite flower is the Sunflower.

3. If I could meet one person dead or alive I would want to meet JK Rowing. 

2. My favorite subject in school was drama, science was a close second.

1. If I could have one super power it would be the ability to change my appearance at will, Halloween and Cosplaying would be so much easier with that! And no more hair dye!


Bootheel Youth Musuem
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